Gawfolk 25-Inch Gaming Monitor Review

Are you in the market for a new gaming monitor? Look no further than the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor. In this post, we’ll look at the monitor’s important characteristics, such as display resolution, refresh rate, reaction time, panel type, and connection choices.

We will also go over the advantages of utilizing this monitor, such as better gameplay and graphics, as well as the disadvantages, such as the restricted viewing angle and absence of built-in speakers. We’ll walk you through how to set up the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor and recommend some options to consider. Prepare to take your game to the next level!

What is the Gawfolk 25-Inch Gaming Monitor?

With cutting-edge technology and excellent visual clarity, the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor delivers high-performance gaming experiences.

What is the Gawfolk 25-Inch Gaming Monitor?

With a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a reaction time of 1 ms, the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor provides smooth gaming with no motion blurring. Its full HD resolution provides sharp and detailed pictures, which improves the whole gaming experience. AMD FreeSync technology equips this monitor, synchronizing the GPU and display to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering, making it ideal for competitive gamers seeking a performance advantage.

Tehnical specifications

Screen Size25 inches
ResolutionHigh resolution (specific resolution not provided)
Refresh Rate144Hz (HDMI), 180Hz (DisplayPort)
Adaptive-Sync TechnologyFreesync
Panel TypeNot specified
Color Depth8-bit
Color Gamut16.7 million colors, full coverage of sRGB spectrum
Contrast RatioDynamic 3000:1
Eye ProtectionFlicker-free, low blue light
ConnectivityHDMI (2.0) x1, DisplayPort (1.2) x1, USB, Audio out
MountingWall mounting compatible (75mm x 75mm)
Warranty18-month worry-free warranty
Additional FeaturesSupports HDMI up to 144Hz, DP up to 180Hz
CompatibilityXbox, PC, laptops, and more

What Are the Features of the Gawfolk 25-Inch Gaming Monitor?

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor has a number of sophisticated features, such as high display resolution, fast refresh rates, and short reaction times, all of which contribute to a better gaming experience.

What Are the Features of the Gawfolk 25-Inch Gaming Monitor

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor has a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, providing clear and vivid images that immerse players in the gaming environment. Its outstanding 144Hz refresh rate assures smooth and fluent action, which makes fast-paced games more pleasurable.

The 1 ms reaction time reduces input latency, allowing the player to perform rapid and responsive actions on the screen. This monitor’s IPS screen provides rich colors and broad viewing angles, enhancing the gaming experience. See also our review for Acer Nitro KG241Y Sbiip 23.8.

Display Resolution

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor’s display resolution offers crystal-clear graphics with high pixel density, resulting in crisp pictures and rich colors for an unrivaled viewing experience.

Gawfolk 25-inch Display Resolution

This monitor’s resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels gives a degree of detail that significantly improves gaming and entertainment experiences. The increased pixel count produces clearer pictures and text, making each scenario more realistic. The color reproduction of the Gawfolk monitor is excellent, with rich and realistic colors that remain faithful to the original material.

The combination of resolution and color depth makes every image, movie, or game look incredibly lifelike, enabling users to completely immerse themselves in their material. The display enhances picture quality and clarity, making not just gaming more enjoyable but also watching movies and surfing the web more visually appealing. See also our review for CRUA Curved Gaming Monitor Review.

Refresh Rate

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor’s refresh rate enables smooth motion transitions and decreases motion blur, which improves gameplay fluidity and visual clarity in fast-paced gaming settings.

Gawfolk 25 inch Refresh Rate

With a refresh rate of 180 Hz, this monitor provides ultra-fast frame rendering, making every action on the screen sharp and smooth. The high refresh rate minimizes motion blur, enhancing the clarity of fast-moving elements in games.

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor gives players a competitive advantage by delivering a responsive and fluid gaming experience. The 180 Hz refresh rate reduces input latency, letting gamers respond faster to in-game activities and providing a more fluid gaming experience.

Response Time

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor’s reaction time reduces input latency while also ensuring quick pixel response, eliminating ghosting effects, and offering gamers accurate and responsive control.

A quick reaction time is essential for gamers to enjoy a smooth experience when playing demanding games. The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor provides seamless transitions between frames, offering gamers a competitive advantage during hard gaming sessions. Actions register virtually instantly due to the decrease in input latency, thereby improving overall game performance.

The removal of ghosting effects results in clearer images and enhanced picture clarity, enabling players to concentrate on the action without interruptions. The control responsiveness of this monitor ensures a precise translation of every motion on screen, enhancing players’ sense of control and accuracy during games.

Panel Type

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor’s display qualities and color accuracy are determined by the panel type, with IPS, TN, and VA panels providing varied advantages in gaming images.

Gawfolk 25-inch Panel Type

Gamers who value picture quality and vivid graphics often choose IPS panels due to their exceptional color accuracy and broad viewing angles. On the other side, TN panels have excellent reaction time, making them perfect for fast-paced games where every millisecond matters. VA panels provide a compromise between the two, delivering good color reproduction and contrast ratio.

When selecting a gaming monitor, such as the Gawfolk 25-inch, the panel type is critical since it directly affects the whole visual experience during games. A monitor with the correct panel type may improve immersion, give you a competitive advantage, and produce breathtaking images for a memorable gaming experience. See also our review for Acer SH242Y Ebmihx 23.8.

Connectivity Options

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor has a variety of connecting choices, including HDMI, DisplayPort, USB ports, and audio interfaces, allowing for smooth interaction with a wide range of gaming devices.

Gawfolk 25-inch Connectivity Options

HDMI connections allow customers to easily connect their game console, computer, or other devices that need high-definition video and audio transmission. DisplayPort support enables compatibility with contemporary graphics cards while also providing high-resolution pictures. The built-in USB ports make it easy to attach extra gadgets, which improves the whole gaming experience.

The audio interfaces allow users to connect their speakers or headphones directly to the monitor, reducing the need for multiple audio connections. This connection adaptability meets the different demands of players, resulting in a more immersive and entertaining gaming experience.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Gawfolk 25-Inch Gaming Monitor?

Using the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor improves your gaming experience by improving images, reducing eye strain, and providing configurable settings based on your preferences and gameplay style.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Gawfolk 25-Inch Gaming Monitor

One of the most significant features of the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor is its high-quality display, which brings your games to life with brilliant colors and fine details. The monitor’s sophisticated technology assures seamless gameplay and eliminates motion blur, enabling you to completely immerse yourself in the gaming experience.

The display has a blue light filter and flicker-free technology, which aid in preventing eye strain during lengthy gaming sessions while keeping your eyes pleasant and fresh. With configurable options like refresh rate and color profiles, you can fine-tune the monitor to meet your individual gaming requirements, resulting in a genuinely customized gaming experience.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor improves your gaming experience by immersing you in amazing images, responsive gameplay, and attention-grabbing details that bring your games to life.

Gawfolk 25-inch Enhanced Gaming Experience

With its ultra-wide screen and excellent quality, this monitor makes every detail in your favorite games stand out, bringing you further into the virtual world.

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor’s high refresh rate and minimal input latency provide fluid, flawless gaming, enabling you to respond quickly to in-game activities without delay, giving you a competitive advantage.

The monitor’s brilliant colors and strong contrasts provide an immersive visual experience, making each picture lively and alive.

Improved visuals.

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor improves graphics by providing exact color accuracy, high resolution, and brilliant contrast, guaranteeing that every element in your games is presented with amazing clarity.

Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor Improved visuals.

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor has excellent color accuracy, delivering a broad spectrum of rich and realistic colors to improve your gaming experience. With its high resolution, you can immerse yourself in crystal-clear pictures that highlight even the most minute details.

The monitor’s contrast settings provide a dynamic visual experience, deepening dark situations and making bright ones more vibrant. This guarantees that each scene in your game looks realistic and detailed, drawing you into the action.

Reduced eye strain

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor has eye comfort technology and blue light filters to help decrease eye strain, allowing for extended gaming sessions without pain.

Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor Reduced eye strain

One of the primary features that distinguishes the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor is its dedication to tackling the problem of eye strain prevalent among gamers. The built-in eye comfort technologies work together to produce a more soothing viewing experience, letting users spend long amounts of time immersed in their favorite games without feeling uncomfortable.

Blue light filters built into the display provide further eye protection by minimizing harmful blue light emissions that may cause eye fatigue and strain. By adopting these characteristics, the monitor prioritizes both performance and the user’s well-being.

Customizable Settings

The Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor has configurable settings that enable you to personalize the display, establish gaming profiles, and optimize graphics for various game genres.

These options include altering brightness, contrast, and color saturation to match your visual preferences while playing your favorite games. Users may store many profiles, each with a unique set of preferences, making it simple to switch between gameplay styles with a few clicks.

For visual optimization, the monitor has modes such as FPS, RTS, and RPG, which tailor the display to different game genres. This versatility ensures that the visuals adapt to the game you’re playing, leading to a more immersive and entertaining gaming experience.


In conclusion, the Gawfolk 25-Inch Gaming Monitor is an appealing option for gamers looking for an immersive and seamless gaming experience. Its high refresh rate, adaptive-sync technology, and vibrant color display provide crystal-clear graphics and tear-free gaming. FreeSync and G-Sync are also supported by KOORUI 27 Inch QHD Gaming Monitor.


The inclusion of eye protection measures improves comfort during long gaming sessions. Flexible connection choices and wall-mount flexibility increase its adaptability, making it appropriate for a variety of configurations. This monitor, backed by Gawfolk’s premium services and an 18-month guarantee, provides gamers and consumers with both quality and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor?

The Gawfolk 25-Inch Gaming Monitor boasts a 25-inch display size, 1920×1080 resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time for a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

Is the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor compatible with consoles?

Yes, the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor has HDMI ports, making it compatible with gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox.

Can the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor be mounted on a wall?

Yes, the monitor comes with VESA mounting holes, allowing it to be easily mounted on a wall for a space-saving and customizable setup.

Does the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor have built-in speakers?

No, the monitor does not have built-in speakers. However, it has an audio output for connecting external speakers or headphones.

What is the warranty for the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor?

The monitor comes with a 1-year warranty for any manufacturing defects. Additional warranties can be purchased for an extended period of time.

Is the Gawfolk 25-inch gaming monitor energy efficient?

Yes, the monitor has an Energy Star certification, ensuring it is energy efficient and will not consume excessive power during use.