SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open-ear Earbuds Review

At long last, the world-famous business SoundPEATS has provided us with the opportunity to evaluate their latest headphones. SoundPEATS has introduced the GoFree2, a unique pair of open-ear headphones that are meant to deliver unrivaled comfort, amazing sound quality, and incredible comfort.

SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open-ear Earbuds Review

This comes at a time when wireless music is becoming more popular. In this article, the characteristics that set the SoundPEATS GoFree2 apart from competing wireless audio systems are discussed.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Beginning with the elegant packaging that oozes elegance and refinement, the Gofree2 wireless earbuds provide a wonderful experience when they are unboxed.

Unboxing Gofree2 and First Impressions
Earbuds1 pair
Charging Case1
Charging Cable1
User Manual1
App Guide1

One of the first things that consumers see when they open the package is a display of the earbuds and accessories that has been precisely organized. In addition to the earbuds themselves, the box also contains other vital things, such as a charging cable, a user handbook, and an app tutorial. This ensures that consumers have everything they need to start using the earbuds immediately.

Unboxing and First Impressions

The open-ear design of the earbuds, which is both sturdy and comfy, is the first thing that draws the attention of the user. Not only does its one-of-a-kind design guarantee a snug fit, but it also encourages hygienic practices and environmental consciousness, which is a characteristic that is not often present in wireless music headphones.

Both the earphones and the charging case have a quality feel to the touch, which instills confidence in their longevity given the materials that were utilized in their construction.

Are the GoFree2 open-ear earbuds any good?

Key Features of GoFree2

Hi-Res Audio & LDAC Codec

As a result of its support for Hi-Res Audio and LDAC codec technology, the Gofree2 wireless earbuds completely transform the way in which one experiences sound. Users are able to hear every delicate nuance and detail in their music thanks to Hi-Res Audio, which reproduces sound at a studio-quality level. This level of audio fidelity creates a more immersive listening experience, which enhances the enjoyment of listening to music, podcasts, and other types of audio content.

Gofree2 wireless earbuds Hi-Res Audio & LDAC Codec

Additionally, the LDAC codec technology improves the wireless audio transmission, which guarantees that the earbuds are able to reproduce high-resolution music wirelessly with a small reduction in quality.

Gofree2 Hi-Res Audio & LDAC Codec

The LDAC audio codec provides much better data transmission rates in comparison to the typical Bluetooth audio codecs, which results in sound reproduction that is both crisper and more accurate. This allows users to experience high-resolution music without being attached to their devices, giving them the ability to roam around without sacrificing the quality of the audio they are listening to. Check out our review of the Soundpeats Air4 Pro Review.

16.2mm Dynamic Driver

The Gofree2 wireless earbuds are equipped with a strong 16.2mm dynamic driver that is capable of delivering superb audio performance. The enormous size of the driver enables a higher excursion of the diaphragm, which results in a more profound bass, more distinct mids, and more distinct highs.

This dynamic range guarantees that each and every note is reproduced accurately, therefore capturing the whole spectrum of sound with precision and accuracy.

Gofree2 wireless earbuds 16.2mm Dynamic Driver

The 16.2mm dynamic driver, which is capable of delivering such sound, may produce a rich, immersive sound that brings your music to life. The listening experience that you get with these earbuds is one that is not only interesting but also delightful, regardless of whether you are listening to music that is heavy on bass or complex instrumental melodies.

Gofree2 wireless earbuds 16.2mm Dynamic Driver

The Gofree2 earbuds are designed to appeal to the tastes of discriminating listeners who want nothing less than the very best from their audio gadgets. They are able to reproduce a broad range of frequencies with clarity and detail.

Liquid Silicone Comfort & 0.3-oz Lightweight (per side)

In the realm of wearable technology, comfort is of the utmost importance, and the Gofree2 wireless earbuds demonstrate exceptional performance in this respect. In addition to being made from liquid silicone, these earbuds provide a fit that is very comfortable and fits to the contour of your ears without creating any pain or tiredness, even when used for lengthy periods of time devoted to listening.

The malleable and soft material guarantees a secure but delicate seal, which makes it possible to effectively block out sounds from the outside while still giving comfort throughout the day.

Gofree2 wireless earbuds Liquid Silicone Comfort & 0.3-oz Lightweight (per side)

Additionally, the Gofree2 earbuds weigh just 0.3 ounces each side, making them exceptional in terms of their lightweight design. By virtue of their featherlight composition, they are almost undetectable while worn, which enables you to take pleasure in listening to music without experiencing any sensation of being burdened or dragged down.

These thin earbuds give off a barely-there sensation that enhances the listening experience overall. This is true whether you are working out at the gym, traveling to work, or just resting at home.

9 hours of single play and 35 hours of full play.

In order to keep up with your hectic lifestyle, the Gofree2 wireless earbuds have been engineered to provide an excellent battery life that guarantees continuous listening pleasure throughout the day.

These earbuds provide a sufficient amount of runtime for lengthy listening sessions, whether you are commuting, working out, or just resting at home. They have a playtime of up to 9 hours on a single charge, making them ideal for extended listening sessions.

Gofree2 wireless earbuds 9 hours of single play and 35 hours of full play.

Additionally, the charging case that is part of the package increases the earbuds’ playtime even further. The charging case offers an extra 26 hours of battery life, bringing the total amount of time up to 35 hours.

This indicates that you may spend days without having to recharge your earphones, which enables you to concentrate on what is most important without being concerned about the amount of time the battery will last.

BT5.3 for Stable Multipoint Connection

The Gofree2 wireless earbuds use Bluetooth 5.3 technology, which offers a strong and dependable connection that enables continuous music streaming. Due to the fact that these earbuds feature multipoint connection, they are able to pair with numerous devices at the same time. This enables you to switch between your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices without any difficulty.

Gofree2 wireless earbuds BT5.3 for Stable Multipoint Connection

Bluetooth version 5.3, the most recent generation of Bluetooth technology, provides considerable enhancements over earlier versions. These improvements include quicker data transfer rates, a higher range, and reduced latency. This means that you will be able to experience lag-free audio streaming with minimum delay, regardless of whether you are listening to music, viewing movies, or accepting calls.

IPX5 Waterproof & App Control

The Gofree2 wireless earbuds have been designed to be resistant to the elements. They have been given an IPX5 waterproof grade, which means that they are protected from moisture such as perspiration, rain, and splashes.

Gofree2 wireless earbuds IPX5 Waterproof App Control

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working out at the gym, running in the rain, or trekking in the great outdoors; these earbuds provide dependable performance in every weather situation. This enables you to maintain your concentration on your fitness objectives without having to worry about water damage.

In addition, the Gofree2 earbuds come with a unique Soundpeats software that provides expanded functionality as well as opportunities for personalization. A wide variety of capabilities, including tweaks to the equalization, firmware upgrades, and the ability to customize touch controls, are available to users via the application.

Gofree2 wireless earbuds App Control

Because of this, you will be able to customize your listening experience to fit your tastes, which will ensure that you get the most out of your earbuds.

Technical Specifications

The wireless earphones known as the Gofree2 are designed with cutting-edge technology to provide users with an exceptional listening experience and an unparalleled level of ease. Let’s take a closer look at the technical qualities that set these earphones apart from others on the market:

Bluetooth VersionV5.3
Supported Bluetooth ProfilesA2DP1.3, AVRCP1.6, HFP 1.7, SPP 1.2, and GATT
Supported Bluetooth CodecAAC/SBC/LDAC
Battery CapacityEarbuds: 60mAh*2<br>Charging Case: 450mAh
Charging PortType-C
Noise CancellationENC
Control TypeTouch Control
Charge TimeEarbuds: 1.5H<br>Charging Case: 2H
Total Music Play Time9H (SBC)
Charging Times2.9
Total Standby Time60H
Water ResistanceIPX5
Charging Input5V/1A
Frequency Response20Hz-40KHz
Driver Size16.2mm
Battery ComponentsLi-ion Polymer
Multiple ConnectionYes
Single Earbuds UseYes
Auto-Turn Off3min
Game ModeYes


In conclusion, the Gofree2 wireless earbuds are the epitome of audio innovation. They provide a sophisticated combination of cutting-edge technology, exceptional comfort, and a wide range of capabilities that can be used in a variety of situations.

Gofree2 wireless earbuds conclusion

With compatibility for both high-resolution audio and the LDAC codec, these earbuds provide a listening experience that is both immersive and characterized by excellent clarity and depth that are unparalleled. The 16.2mm dynamic drivers provide a strong sound with improved bass, and the dual-microphone active noise cancellation guarantees that the call quality is crystal clear regardless of the setting.

SoundPEATS GoFree2

SoundPEATS GoFree2

SoundPEATS GoFree2 Open Ear Headphones Over Ear Buds LDAC, Bluetooth V5.3 Stereo Earbuds with Bass Boost, 35Hrs Sports Earphones with Earhooks, IPX5 Waterproof Headsets for Workouts, Stable Comfort

In addition to their superior audio performance, the Gofree2 earbuds exhibit exceptional comfort and convenience. As a result of their construction from liquid silicone, they provide a pleasant and secure fit, making them perfect for longer usage. Their lightweight construction and IPX5 waterproof classification, which ensure their dependability and durability in any situation, further increase their adaptability for busy lives.